Jaguar XJ-S 5.3 V12


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Jaguar XJ-S 1987 – starting its run in 1975 and being in production until 1996, the XJS proved to be an opposite of a car that could once become an out of date model. From July 1981, the XJ-S was renamed the XJ-S HE and received the new High-Efficiency V12 engine for much better fuel economy. With the “Fireball” combustion chamber designed by Swiss Engineer Michael May, power output was increased as a by-product to 220 kW or 196 kW in North America. The V12 engine is a perfect match for this grand tourer, offering the chauffeur the appropriate dynamics for a lively and smooth highway drive.
It is all luxurious and tasty from the inside. Wooden trim, leather seats, radio, cosy lighting and plenty of useful switches. However, the low sitting position reminds you that you are driving a wild car.
The appearance of the XJ-S is both radical and beautiful. With its long nose and wings flowing down into it, with the outstanding buttresses in the rear this Jaguar represents a pleasant combination of power and design. The 5.3 litre V12, a proper amount of chrome and a unique bodyline pretty much sum up the necessity of a grand tourer like this. 


You only barely need to touch the gas pedal to get this V12 moving. The current Jaguar is painted in green and rolls on 15” optional alloy wheels. The interior includes a beige-coloured set of leather seats and offers most of the additional features that are common nowadays. The car has spent its last fifteen years in a collection stored in a dry warehouse. We brought the car back to life by fully inspecting and servicing it. There is a new brake system fitted. It is a real head turner that goes and drives very dynamically. 


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