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Mercedes SLC (C107) 1981 – a timeless German sports car which was produced from 1971 until 1981. The SLC is a four-seat car with a fixed roof, and that is one way to distinguish it from the SL (R107) which is a two-seat model with a detachable roof. Another thing making it significantly different from the SL is the production number. There were 62,888 SLC derivatives built while the SL production reached the number of 237,287. Today the SLC has become rare and thus very special. It was also the first and only time Mercedes-Benz based their S-class coupe on a stretched 2-seat SL roadster platform, rather than on a large S-class saloon.
Mercedes SLC was offered with different engines – a straight-six 2.8 litre engine and a variety of V8 engines with a 5.0 litre version crowning the selection. None of them were meant for heavy scooting but the engines are all lively enough to ensure you an enjoyable ride. The straight-six, although not being as hot blooded as the V8 versions, offers a matchless feel of a well balanced car.

This pillarless coupe is considered very durable, has a longer wheelbase and length than the SL and is now becoming more and more hard to find on sale. SLCs were set up for comfort, with long coil suspension springs and Mercedes’ usual recirculating ball steering.
Its dashboard is solid and functional, the steering wheel is huge, seats are cushy and there is room for two adults in the back.
After decades being shunned, during which it almost became extinct, the 107-series SLC has been rehabilitated in the eyes of collectors, and some now even hail it as a nicer car to drive than the R107 roadster. It’s certainly a better prospect if you don’t want the full exposure that a convertible subjects you to.

This current euro-spec 280SLC was exported to Arizona in 1981 and used by one lady during all its lifetime. She enjoyed the car in a good climate, thus it is still in excellent shape. The car has a fully documented history. It is serviced and ready to join traffic.

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