Bodyshop and detailing

We perform various bodywork and paintwork for vehicles, regardless of the complexity and volume of the work.

Body and paint work is done on the basis of an hourly price list. For larger works, we also make project-based price agreements.

Bodyshop services:

  • We eliminate tiny spots, dents and rust
  • We restore and weld body parts and bearing parts
  • We offer professional paint work
  • We carry out corrosion control


Bodywork €/h


Paintwork €/h

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We will clean the inside of your car and make the outside shine! We give tired details a new look and remove dirt from even the most difficult places. We polish body parts, polish and varnish windshields, deep clean the cabin, etc. Selection of offered services:

Interior cleaning

Car 30€ / SUV 35€ / Bus 40€

  • Cleaning the cabin and trunk with a vacuum cleaner
  • Cleaning and updating threshold packages
  • Cleaning the touch screen
  • Thorough cleaning of the details and ventilation fins on the dashboard
  • Cleaning textile floor mats with a vacuum cleaner (wet cleaning of rubber floor mats)
  • 1 h

Cleaning / maintenance of leather interior

Car from 80€ / SUV from 100€ / Bus from 120€

  • Cleaning the details of the leather interior
  • Treatment with leather cream/protective agent (seats, upholstery, dashboard, steering wheel, etc.)
  • 24h

High gloss polishing

Car 140€ / SUV 180€

  • Thorough outdoor washing
  • Cleaning with clay
  • One-step machine polishing (fine grain paste)
  • Cleaning of external plastic surfaces
  • Wheel cleaning
  • Instant wax

One-step car polishing – removes micro-scratches and minor damages on the paint surface. The service is designed to give freshness and shine to paintwork in relatively good condition.

Restorative polishing

Price from 300€ / by agreement, according to the service offered

  • Thorough outdoor washing
  • Cleaning with clay
  • Three-stage machine polishing
  • Cleaning of external plastic surfaces
  • Deep cleaning of rims
  • Permanent wax or ceramic protection (according to the customer’s request)

Three-stage polishing – removes microcracks, worn spots, deeper scratches on the varnish surface.

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