Today’s pick: Our Fiat 130 Coupe, a masterpiece once used by “Super Swede”

Fiat 130 Coupé – designed by Paolo Martin at Pininfarina. As the only post WWII Fiat with a non-budget build, this car set some very high standards for the definition of quality: refined interior, excellent handling and a bespoke, oversquare Aurelio Lampredi-designed engine. What is worth mentioning is that all Coupés were built by Pininfarina itself.

This Fiat  is more than a fair choice when looking for a coupe with decent torque, sweet-sounding engine, comfy yet precise driving.
Statistics say that there are around 25% of these cars left.
The current car belonged to a friend of a famous Swedish rally driver Ronnie Peterson,
a picture with Ronnie standing next to the car can be seen below.

Rally Legend Ronnie Peterson is standing on the left

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