Hansa Group Young Musician’s Fund Celebrated its Second Birthday

Hansa Group Young Musician’s Fund celebrated its 2nd birthday last weekend. The fund has supported young Estonian musicians in the amount of 42000 euros during its two years of operation.

This is twice as much as the fund’s main financier, entrepreneur Neeme Tammis, originally had set as a goal. In addition, the fund is part of a cooperation project with the Estonian Composers’ Union, to which 15000 euros are contributed over three years.

According to Neeme Tammis, the amount of funding has increased due to the demand for good projects.

“Our focus has been on young Estonian talents who have already done their first homework, but need an extra push for the next stage of development. This can be a first album, preparing for a competition or studying abroad. One necessary feature is international ambition”, said Tammis.

The fund operates under the management of Kultuuripartnerluse SA. According to Tammis, the original funding came from the Hansa Group, but more and more business partners and friends have also started to contribute.

“I am very grateful to our young people for having someone to believe in. And I am also grateful to all those friends who have joined the Hansa Group initiative. Through several events, there are already nearly a hundred of these contributors”, said Tammis.

As a part of the 2nd birthday of the Hansa Group Young Musician’s Fund, a total of over ten thousand euros were donated, which will be distributed in the spring of 2024.

Over the course of two years, Hansa Group Young Musician’s Fund has financed the release of Hans Christian Aavik’s and Karolina Aavik’s debut album “Aeternus”, supported Triin Metshein with her studies at the Berklee College of Music, Marcel Johannes Kits with the preparation for participating in the Queen Elisabeth competition in the spring of 2022, Tähe-Lee Liiv’s studies in London and in Berlin’s top schools throughout the first academic year and the Kratt youth classical music festival, within the framework of which he also presented three 2,000 euro scholarships to young people who emerged as part of the festival.

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